Rainwear - Oilskin

For industries that require their employees to work outdoors, additional apparel is required to maintain their health and wellbeing. This usually comes in the form of safety vests and rainwear. These items of clothing provide workers with protection during harsh weather as well as making them more visible. These days, rainwear is made with the same reflective materials used for hi-vis clothing. This feature is especially helpful when your operations require your employees to work at night and in the rain. We at Westpeak have a wide selection of rainwear, particularly oilskin, which are ideal for wet work environments such as seaports and roadworks.

Why You Should Use an Oilskin Jacket

An oilskin jacket was traditionally used by fishermen. This waterproof garment was developed to give wearers a breathable jacket that would effectively protect them from harsh weather conditions on-board. Its waterproof nature is achieved through a proofing process that uses wax. This keeps the material and the wearer dry. These days, different industries use oilskin jackets for their usefulness and practicality. The road and civil industry have incorporated this item into their uniform since they often work even during heavy rains.

The oilskin jackets that we carry in Westpeak come in different designs to suit your needs. We have short sleeved vests with reflective strips attached to provide wearers with extra visibility at night. We have the typical low riding coat that offers full-body protection from rain and waves. In addition to these, we have high-quality oilskin dressing for your reproofing needs.