Our journey to better sustainability.

We are on a journey to improve our sustainability efforts

One of our environmental projects includes planting trees; partnering with Trees That Count. Westpeak™ New Zealand goal is to plant a minimum of 500 trees per year in New Zealand and we have planted 540 trees so far for 2022. We have received our committed to climate badge for 2022.

Every Westpeak™ product purchased helps fund native trees to be planted across New Zealand. We have funded 1,552 trees to date and have helped funded 3 different projects. Atarau Sanctuary  Funded 729 trees, Clean Streams Karamea Funded 316 trees, Moutere & Motueka Rivers Catchment Restoration Funded 507 Trees.

The trees planted not only help offset carbon emissions but help protect the endangered Great Spotted Kiwi at Atarau Sanctuary and improving the biodiversity of both land and water.

To date we have planted 1,552 trees including 143 around our head office. These native trees have the potential to sequester 353 tones of CO2 over the next 50 years! This is a very rewarding programme and allows our customers to give back by keeping New Zealand beautiful for future generations.

Our progress

What we are doing to improve our corporate social responsibility

We are currently working through our whole range of products including our Westpeak™ brand and what steps we can put in place to better our corporate social responsibility. We have a long-term goal of offering a complete range of products made from recycled and sustainable materials. In the meantime, we have some short-term goals below to help improve our impact on the environment. 

A full copy of our sustainability plan can be emailed to you at your request

Sustainability plan request

We mitigate garment wastage where possible, and are currently working on a plan for our customers to best recycle our products and packaging by the end of 2022.  

We offer sustainable uniforms and PPE products. It is important we help our customers live more sustainably by giving them a range of brands who offer PPE made from recyclable materials. 

All our packaging boxes are made from a circular economy approach from recycled boxes. Our new packaging box supplier is one of New Zealand's leading companies of sustainable fiber packaging.

Eliminating single use plastic by 2023 from our Westpeak™ range. This includes non-recyclable packaging, looking at more sustainable options for product materials. 

"We are working hard to put achievable plans in place for our business and for our customers values when choosing a reputable and sustainable supplier. Westpeak™ New Zealand are happy to discuss further information on our sustainable efforts and work with your company to make sure your policies are being met."