Work Shorts and Trousers

We at Westpeak carry a wide selection of work pants and shorts that are suitable for most industries. From corporate to construction, we have a variety of uniform trousers that can be customised to suit your organisation.

Work trousers and work shorts are not limited to formal suit pants. In fact, the work pants that we provide New Zealand organisations are made with heavy-duty materials. This is to ensure that they are resistant to tears and other damages. Since work trousers and shorts are the most susceptible to damage, a blend of polyester, cotton, and denim are used to make the products we carry. Most of our items are double or triple stitched to give it an added layer of protection from rips and tears.

We have a friendly customer service team that will gladly work with you to find the best uniforms for your organisation. Browse through our shop and contact us for any enquiries.