Uniform & PPE Recycling Programme

Where does your company uniforms & PPE end up?

Want to recycle your old uniforms?

Our programme helps our customers reduce their uniform wastage and repurpose their old uniforms into dog beds which are donated to animal shelters across New Zealand to help our furry friends! 

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Got too many old branded uniforms lying around?

Our recycling programme helps mitigate our customers impact on the environment. Helping businesses to achieve their own sustainability goals. We are excited to share our uniform end of life programme to meet a common goal on creating a more circular approach to the uniform industry and a better environmental impact.

How will it work?

  1.  Fill -  Request and sign up with Westpeak™ New Zealand  to be allocated a reusable clothing box. Keep this on site which your staff will fill with their old uniforms. Once this box is full it will be sent back by the courier to our head office. Each clothing box will have a return address printed on them. - (Return shipping is not included in monthly fee).
  2.  Return -  The clean clothing is then sent to our recycling department. Where It is processed and shredded into broken down fabric.
  3.  Recycle - The broken down fabric is used to fill dog bed beds, each dog bed can hold up to 10kgs of fabric, which is equivalent to 1x box of clothing.
  4. Repeat -The dog beds will be then donated to an animal shelter around New Zealand. Once you reach one of our badges you can use these logos on your website and social media along with information that can be used for your company’s annual reports


Our Partnered Dog Shelters

It’s estimated that New Zealand sends over 100,000 tons of textile waste to landfill each year. Along with the environment, nationally over 2418 dogs are rehomed each year at the SPCA.  Instead of uniform waste heading to landfill the program recycles participating customers old uniforms and re-purpose them into dog beds, which are donated to one of our partnering charities or we can send them back to your business and you can donate them to a charity of your choice. We are currently partnered with the SPCA and Christchurch Bull breed Rescue. We are open to taking on more charities as the programme grows throughout New Zealand. 

"We are really excited to be included in the Westpeak New Zealand uniform recycling initiative! Their customers join the programme & sent back their old uniforms to be recycled into dog beds!  Every CBBR dog that is adopted will go to their new home with one of these beds. Helping the environment & helping dogs" - Dog's in programme from Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue 

"We are thrilled with the new partnership, our SPCA animal teams work incredibly hard to re-home animals across the country. Nationally, we’ve rehomed 2418 dogs and puppies within the last year, and 60 in the Greymouth area.” -  Mel Rutherford, centre manager of Greymouth SPCA

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"We make it easy for businesses to achieve their sustainability goals by recycling their old uniforms."